News Release - 12th June 2003

RoseRush - Aromatherapy "Power" Drink!

SINGAPORE, June 2003 - RoseRush, the sensual, sophisticated and unique soft drink made from a secret Oriental recipe using the freshest rose petals, produced by the premier Rose Brand Company T.G. Kiat & Co (Pte) Ltd of Singapore for the last 70 years and shared exclusively with the royal families in the eastern orient, is described by most as an Aromatherapy Power Drink.

Concocted for its highly potent properties, this invigorating, energizing and delicious exotic drink with its rich and exquisite aroma has a powerful effect on the senses. The blend claims to be a highly potent confidence booster by having the ability to directly uplift and enhance your mood and energy levels. Priming the body and mind for what the creators call the ‘ROSE-RUSH’!

RoseRush is totally unique in its approach on the senses, offering an invigorating alternative to drinks on the market, with its subtle but incredibly potent effects. Refreshing yet stimulating this elixir introduces a new wave in taste sensation, completely unlike anything tasted before.

RoseRush transgresses the divide between health and pleasure. This drink has no colouring or preservatives and is made from pure ingredients, enabling it to be promoted to the health conscious market. With its healthy appeal but potent invigorating edge, this elixir claims to give a natural conscious free high, seducing all who try it.

RoseRush, is successfully competing in the teenage to young adult market as a fashion drink and is sort after by those who are looking for a sophisticated yet confidence-boosting alternative to alcohol or exciting new flavour in mixers and cocktails.

RoseRush is also being aimed at clubbers, diners, health and fitness supporters, appealing to people of all cultures and backgrounds, with its refreshingly versatile real rose taste. The products can fit into any social setting and yet stand out in the crowd. This beverage will thrive in pubs, clubs, wine bars, restaurants, health spas, delicatessens and many other venues.

"RoseRush is the coolest energy to vibe to and drink for the ceremony of all celebrations of pleasure. RoseRush is the embodiment of all these nuances - to be inhaled, imbibed and enjoyed by all dimensions of your being." says certified holistic healer from USA, Ms Lee Wai Ching.


RoseRush is now available in selected leading outlets in Singapore, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia and other parts of Asia. With its strategic partners, RoseRush will soon be offered to the USA, UK, South Africa and Europe.

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