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By Lee Wai Ching

The Healing Properties of The Rose

14 Feb 2003

It is believed in ancient science that The Rose essential oil is philosophically the blood essence of the plant. It has a direct effect on the blood, humours and the soul essence of a human being.

Rose oil is considered a gift from the Divine and is prized as a precious treasure. It is believed that the Apsaras or angels make their presence known through the scent of Rose and other aromatic flowers.

The Rose essential oil of Rosa damascena, maroc and gallicia are the most aromatic and prized. It takes 30 Rose Petals to make 1 drop of oil or 60,000 (180lbs) roses to make one precious ounce.

Avicenna (rightfully, the Arab philosopher and practitioner of medicine Ibn Isina) dedicated a whole book to the Rose and its therapeutic qualities. Ibn Isina (980-1037) wrote a five volume text called the al-Quanun (the Canon), which collated also the works of Hippocrates, Galen and Aristotle, was used as the principal medical treatise in European schools until the 17th century and into the 1650 in France's Montpellier and Louvain medical schools. It influenced medical philosophy and practice. The Canon's first four volumes were on hygiene, medicine, diseases, surgery, pathology and contagious diseases. The fifth book was a description on the preparation of medications and became the standard materia medica for centuries.

In the traditional healing systems of Ayurveda of 5,000 years, the Rose is the most important flower. Its basis spans India, into Persia and the Middle East and into the Empires of Turkey, Rome and Greece

The "attar" of Rose in India and all of the Middle-Eastern world, is a most prized for ceremonial anointment and baths, as well as for the creation of confections of milk and almond, which in synergy with rose oil, elevates the food into ambrosia of the gods; by transforming it into sattvic (from sattva- the principle of purity, clarity, creativity, intelligence and harmony in Nature) foods, alchemically pure nourishment that lubricates the joints and strengthen the bones.

The Rose is indicated for both the Vata, Pitta types of the three constitituition (dosha) types of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is used as a balancing agent of both emotions and physicality.


RoseRush contains natural essential oil of Rose and has no colouring or preservative added. The beverage is created by a very delicate process to maintain the delicacy and integrity of the natural aromas and therapeutic qualities. As RoseRush is inhaled and drunk, the compounds of the aromatic oils will deeply influence the psyche to a subtle sense of well-being.

Modern technological research has revealed that essential oils actually transform the emotional tendencies of the person through the inhalation into the limbic system.

The Limbic System is that part of the brain, which is the most primal in detecting changes in the air. The limbic system is at work when we step into a room and think to ourselves "there is something fishy" going on. We detect a person by the scent first in the subconscious mind. The pheromones released by a person are often an underlying reason for attraction amongst people, of the same or opposite gender.

It is the system of the brain that communicates to the nervous system when in a jungle of ferocious beasts or enemies. Scouts of tribes can pick up the scent of prey and humans.

As the essential oils are released into the air by warmth; the molecular structure in the air changes, carries the miniscule droplets of oil molecules, and enters the olfactory (smell sense) epithelium or smell sensor in the roof of the nose.

There is then just one nerve synapse to olfactory bulbs located at the base of the brain. A myriad of cells (glomeruli, mitral cells, and granule neurons) then translate the aromas to the limbic system, which regulates motor activities, primary drives, emotions and memories. In the limbic lobe, all senses are synthesized, including touch, scent and visual, tastes…

The limbic system then activates the hypothalamus. Impulses are then transmitted to the hypothalamus which regulates bodily functions as temperature, thirst, hunger, blood sugar level, growth, sleep and awake biorhythms, sexual arousal and sensitivity.

The pituitary is stimulated next, in tandem with the hypothalamus, which directly influences the biochemistry of the internal body. It releases chemical messages into the bloodstream, activating hormones. It is the master gland which controls the endocrine system, which in turn controls digestion, emotional and sexual behaviour, responses to stress and all metabolic processes.

The olfactory cortex helps to distinguish different odours and scents. And the thalamus links the messages to the neocortex of the nervous system.

There has also been research done on the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian connection.

Massage and Touch Therapy

Another effective way of experiencing the qualities of rose through the scent and touch is with massage.

In aroma therapeutic massage, rose oil is often used for dehydrated and sensitive skins as it soothes any inflammation, eczema, itching and rash and tones capillaries.

No surprise that it is a known remedy for nervous tension, anxiety, hysteria, irritability, migraine, fatigue and coughs. With all those symptoms gone, one would surely be in the mood for love.

Rose is excellent for digestive conditions such as flatulence, intestinal inflammation, gas spasms and ulcers. Nervous indigestion and stomach pains would also be alleviated with rose oil. It must surely quell some nervous excitement before meeting a lover.

All essential oils accelerate cellular regeneration penetrating seven layers of skin and into the blood stream and into the internal organs. The effect on the entire body, mind and spirit takes place in about 15-20 minutes and lasts for two to three hours, and continues to work for up to 12 hours. These are some of the results also done on animals in the laboratory, showing elimination of toxins in the urine after twenty minutes. The purifying and curative properties can be sustained with more practice, application and consciousness (meditation).

The oils are most effective in synergistic blends with other oils and herbs.

The Rose is supreme in synergy with sandalwood. This combination is used profoundly in Ayurvedic cosmetics and sensual preparations, making it the flower of Love and Lust.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Rose is indicated for blood and energy circulation increasing longevity by rejuvenation of the chi body.

Also recommended for "discharge of blood from the mouth, irregular menstruation, dysentery and mastitis". (Chinese Foods for Longevity, The Art of Longevity by Henry C Lu).

Delicate pink Rose buds especially from Hang Chou China is the most prized for creating infusions. The soft blush tea is said to clear the congestion in the chest, and certainly of the hurting heart.

Flower Essence

In vibrational healing, the flower essence of rose has the highest vibration to heal all negative emotions and thoughtforms. The white rose has the subtlest scent and yet the strongest soul quality that resonates with the purification of the soul of the human.

The flower essence has no scent and no colour and should not be confused with the oil. It is a water-based alchemically created balancing product that is higher in vibration and frequency than oil. It is extremely delicate and should not be exposed to sunlight and radiation.

The soul essence of the Rose as we bathe in rosewater bath, actually purifies and uplifts the vibrations in the etheric body or aura and protects the matrix in the energy grid. It also heals the heart energy centre (the Anahata chakra).

Each flower is endowed with a deva or spirit whose essential nature is the nature of the flower or plant. They are sometimes perceived as fairies or nature spirits. They are the substance that decides the form, colour and scent of the flower according to the doctrine of signatures that is underlying the philosophy of flower essence production.


More pleasurably, the scent of Rose evokes in us an ancient memory of well-being, softness, sweetness and the mystery of Love and the promise of more Love.

The Rosa Mystica, which in the western tradition is the flower symbolizing the unfoldment of the Soul, much like the Lotus is in the Oriental tradition.

The Rosa Mystica refers to the mysteries of Spirit. The Rosary is reflective of the Mysteries as it is chanted in contemplation of Miracles and Manifestation of the Spiritual Dimension. The Rose, the Flower of Love, symbolizes what is much desired in our daily lives and the world.


RoseRush is birthed from almost 70 years of tradition from British descent.

It is the coolest energy to vibe to and drink for the ceremony of all celebrations of pleasure.

RoseRush is the embodiment of all these nuances - to be inhaled, imbibed and enjoyed by all dimensions of your being.
RoseRush is manufactured by the very same Rose Brand Company T.G. Kiat & Co (Pte) Ltd (since 1935) of Singapore that Royal Families in the Middle East, Brunei and others associate with.
In alliance with StrategianceGLOBAL consultancy, a beautiful drink is introduced to the world - a beverage of natural essential oil of rose.

Lee Wai Ching is a natural intuitive healer descended from a lineage of healers on the paternal and maternal sides.

She is a certified holistic health counsellor, healer and massage therapist from California, USA.

She uses modalities of Vibrational Medicine- subtle energy healing (energy medicine), auramatherapy with essential oils on the aura, crystal healing, flower essences, and healthy cuisine.

Wai Ching is also a regional editor and contributor of Spa Odyssey, the first global consumer magazine focused on the spa lifestyle in the Asia Pacific. (

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