News Release - 28th September 2002

RoseRush - Natural "Love Aphrodisiac" in a Can!

SINGAPORE, Sep 2002 - T.G. Kiat & Co (Pte) Ltd, a leading Singapore beverage manufacturer which has been manufacturing and distributing its premium Rose Brand product internationally since 1935, is manufacturing an all-new "Love Potion" in alliance with international strategy consultants StrategianceGlobal for global distribution.

RoseRush is a non-carbonated healthy love drink made from a secret recipe of rose essence from natural roses, which will be distributed to various cities beginning September 2002. Targeting youths to young adults, RoseRush is expected to appeal to people of all walks of life with its refreshing real rose taste and is expected to hit global sales of US$20m by 2Q 2003.

RoseRush has no colouring or preservative added. A beautiful clear drink, it is best served ice cold, with a dash of lemon or mint or mixed with vodka, cognac or whisky creating delicious cocktails. RoseRush is marketed to tug the heartstrings of consumers with its rich exquisite aroma and rose ingredient as a symbol of love and natural "love aphrodisiac".

"When I first popped the can of RoseRush, the scent of roses rushed out. Don't be surprised that the beautiful natural rose aroma will set you in a romantic mood. Because RoseRush is made from natural roses, the rose aroma will linger in your mouth and that already primes you all ready for a sweet rosy kiss," says StrategianceGlobal managing director Mr Lanz Chan.

And because RoseRush is made from quality natural roses, after drinking RoseRush, the sweet smell of exquisite roses will still remain in the empty can.

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