- Spirit of Love in a Can, Potion of Love from Nature.
Beverage Online - 5th September 2002
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RoseRush - Natural "Love Aphrodisiac" in a Can!
Local News - 28th September 2002
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"Rose Science for RoseRush Love Libation" - By
Lee Wai Ching (pictured below), certified holistic health counsellor, healer and massage therapist from California, USA - 14th February 2003 Saint Valentine's Dy Release
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RoseRush Available at Renewal Day Spa - Feb 2003 !!

RoseRush is also featured in SoftDrinksWorld UK magazine and Specialty Food USA magazine - April 2003

RoseRush - Aromatherapy "Power" Drink!
Local News - 12th June 2003
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And more LOVE NEWS to come !!

In the pipeline are Sparkling RoseRush and other new exciting RoseRush flavours to be launched soon! Look out for it!